Alchemy, or the magic of transformation, artistic and craft skills, is a technique that originates from the physical and chemical manipulation of metals, the incredible metaphorical ability to transmute lead into gold.

A BRAND, landed by fashion

FE’S ALCHEMICLAB is the brand through which skilled artists, profound connoisseurs of Alchemy, have defined an unprecedented aesthetic language of luxury.

The FE’S quality is based on long experience in decorative processing and application for fashion.
An artisanal/industrial artistic journey that has marked many milestones over time in the changes of language and trends of the fashion system. This heritage has allowed FE’S to develop new products and unbeatable workmanship in the decorative sector of interior design, inspired by the elegance and refinement of haute couture.



FE’S ALCHEMICLAB innovates research on the transmutation of precious metallic powders applied to Design, after having widely tested it in the fashion industry.
Each process involves the skilful technique of transferring metal and synthetic powders using heat, using a process that is entirely artisanal and involving several alchemical transformations.


Edoardo Floridi, President


Nino Stringini, General Manager


Maurizio Favetta, Architect creative Director